3D2ACT project aims to contribute towards the upgrade of VET provision and to strengthen the profiles of VET trainers in the use of 3D technologies and skills while promoting the acquisition of key competences among students, especially girls, such as 3D-P, STEAM, Robotics & Social Entrepreneurship (SE).

Such skills are increasingly important for the integration of young people in the society and the labour market, especially if they are equipped with greater initiative, creativity and perseverance and if they have the ability to see opportunities where others only see problems. The mastery of this contemporary type of skills which are highly demanded in the labour market can also contribute to social change and innovation for a sustainable future.

The 3D2ACT pioneers to bring together a transnational team of experts to design, produce and pilot-test a DUAL TOOL KIT to empower VET trainers to promote 3D technologies and skills among their students while equipping them with Social Entrepreneurship mindsets.