3D2ACT was presented at the Final Conference of the Erasmus+ Project DIMAS organised by the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete

On 3 December 2021, the Regional Directorate of Education of Crete (RDPSEC) organised and implemented the Final Conference of the Erasmus+ project DIMAS which took place in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. The conference was also broadcasted live on YouTube. The event was viewed by students and teachers, in Greece, Spain, Sweden and Cyprus, who, in the majority, had a vocational-oriented educational background.

During the conference, a workshop on Erasmus KA2 applications and a speech about the Challenges and Perspectives of Erasmus projects were implemented by Mrs Areti Vouraki, RDPSEC EU Programmes Promoter and 3D2ACT project manager. Participants had the opportunity to be informed about the goals and the content of European projects, good practices referring to projects that are in progress and their developments currently in operation, with 3D2ACT being one of them. At the same time, an open fair in the Hall offered the possibility to all participants to get informed on the latest news of all Erasmus projects by means of leaflets, brochures and banners.