European Digital Learning Network ETS organized the Multiplier Event of 3D2ACT

On Wednesday 24 May 2023, the Italian Multiplier Event of 3D2ACT organized by the European Digital Learning Network ETS took place at the Istituto dei Sordi di Torino, in Turin, Italy.

The 25 people audience at the Multiplier Event comprised students from technical and teaching-related faculties at the University of Turin, professors from the aforementioned university, educators and experts from the world of training and education, all from the University of Turin.

The event was in a way divided into two parts. The first part was focused on the analytical presentation and explanation of the main results of the project, which stemmed from the development of the 5 Intellectual Outputs (IOs) of the project. This was done through an elaborate presentation and a sequence of slides that contained within them the results developed during the entire duration of the project, to allow the audience to have an in-depth knowledge of the work done and the educational results obtained. Emphasis was put on the two educational packs on 3D Technologies and Social Entrepreneurship and on how the 3D2ACT Programme can be implemented as a whole in schools and other educational settings. A practical demonstration of the digital tools created followed, such as the website, the e-learning and e-assessment platform, the Mobile App and the Augmented Reality game on how to set up a social enterprise in 10 distinct steps.

After this first part, the audience participated in a theoretical workshop where they were divided into small groups. They tried to create a project themselves, combining both 3D printing and social entrepreneurship using the Business Model Canvas to develop their business model. They also had the opportunity to try out the e-tools developed in the framework of the 3D2ACT project such as the e-platform, the mobile app and the AR Game.

At the end of the event, the audience was asked what they thought of the project as a whole, and the entire audience was impressed by the produced results and the strong interest and adhesion of the target group. Especially the participating teachers showed an interest in implementing the 3D2ACT Programme with their students, while the University Professors wondered about the possibility of transferring this course to the Higher Education level. A very fruitful discussion on the exploitation and sustainability of the project results concluded the multiplier event.

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