Emphasys Centre will be hosting around 35 students and teachers for a European competition on Social Entrepreneurship and 3D printing

Next February 2023, 4 students and 3 teachers from each partner country in the project (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, The Netherlands and Spain) will travel to Cyprus for a 5 days training on 3D printing and Social Entrepreneurship. During these 5 days, both teachers and students will take advanced lessons on 3D designing, slicing, the assembly of different pieces, post-processing and the setting up of the 3D printer, and will also learn about two different software: TinkerCAD and OnShape CAD. Moreover, students will learn about the basics of Social Entrepreneurship and how to develop a Social Business Model Canvas.

The main focus of the activity will be the taking part of the groups on a European Contest. Students will need to design and print a 3D object or prototype of a product with a social impact. This product will need to respond to social challenges and needs (e.g., targeting “sensitive” social groups such as people with disabilities, the elderly, etc.), have some real-life practical application, and benefit the community, the environment or the culture. The product idea should include a Social Entrepreneurial aspect and/or a rudimentary business plan regarding the possible exploitation prospects of their 3D object. During the training, the teams will finalise the prototype and based on the lessons received, they will develop their Business Model Canvas to present their final product to the jury.

The teams will then be evaluated based on the following criteria: content and quality; originality, creativity, usefulness and ingenuity; execution; and social entrepreneurial aspect and presentation. There will also be a secret topic which will be revealed during the training, so the teams will need to act fast to present this final and secret requirement. Awards will then be given in the following categories: best innovative idea; best implementation of an idea; best presentation; best pitching of product; and best overall project.

The participants will also have the opportunity to see around Cyprus during the different activities organised by Emphasys Centre. They will be able to learn about the divided capital of Nicosia, and they will visit the coastal City of Larnaka, the medieval castle and the salt lakes which hosts migrating flamingos. This training week in Cyprus will be a great opportunity for students and teachers not only to learn about good practices in other European countries, but also for their personal and professional development, by the upgrade of VET provision and the promotion of the acquisition of key competences.