Emphasys Centre organized the Multiplier Event of 3D2ACT

Emphasys Centre organized two multiplier events for the 3D2ACT project in Cyprus. The first Multiplier Event was organized on Tuesday 25 April 2023 at the School of Deaf in Nicosia Cyprus, in which 7 VET trainers including interpreters and 10 young deaf individuals aged 15-17 years old participated.

As the project strives to promote social entrepreneurship and respond to social challenges through 3D technologies, Emphasys Centre presented the project overview with all the basic information, the partners, how the idea was initiated for the project, its aims and objectives, its target groups and finally, all the project results from every Intellectual Output in detail. The aim was to help the deaf community in Cyprus, explore the digital world of 3D Design, Modelling and Printing and start thinking as entrepreneurs and in particular as social entrepreneurs.

In addition, a 3D Design, Modelling and Printing workshop was organized to give students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the TinkerCAD software using the schools’ workstations and a live demonstration was made on how a 3D printer that Emphasys Centre brought from its premises, works.

The event was concluded with a discussion with the teachers and sign language interpreters at the end of the event, in regards to social entrepreneurship for the deaf community and how the project results could be exploited by special education schools. Adult participants were invited to access the e-tools and follow the project on social media.

The second Multiplier Event was organized at the Lyceum Kykkos B’ in Nicosia, Cyprus on Monday 15 May 2023, in which 20 VET trainers/teachers participated. During the event, Emphasys Centre presented the project overview including aims, and its impact achieved through the pilot testing sessions as well as all the results that were developed in the framework of the project. In particular, emphasis was put on the two sets of educational material on 3D Printing and Social Entrepreneurship and the developed e-tools such as the e-platform and mobile app, which essentially host all the aforementioned educational material and the Augmented Reality Game, which promotes social entrepreneurship in a gamified way.

In the end, the VET trainers/teachers had the opportunity to register and navigate the project’s platform and discuss further about the exploitation of the project results and the integration of 3D Technologies and social entrepreneurship in the school curriculum. In addition, a discussion was initiated as to how the 3D2ACT Programme could be implemented at their school as they were very enthusiastic with the project results.

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