Stichting Inqubator organized the Multiplier Event of 3D2ACT

The Multiplier event by the Dutch partner, Stichting Inqubator, for the 3D2ACT project was organised in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, on Wednesday 17 May 2023. The event took place at the former prison the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden, which is now a place where many different companies and organisations come together. This is also where Lies Keramiek (where part of the pilots took place) has her 3D ceramics studio, as well as where the workshop rooms and classrooms of the creative department of Friesland College (VET School) are located. This location was chosen since this is where the VET students have most of their classes and where their journey in the 3D2ACT project started as part of the pilot testing classes took place there.

Participants were able to register their participation through Eventbrite. The first 25 registered people were going to receive a promo bag, which included a 3D2ACT leaflet, a leaflet of Lies Keramiek (who lent her 3D clay printer for the live demonstration) and a 3D clay printed vase.

The event, called 3D2ACT VERTELT (translated into ‘3D2ACT tells’), was attended by a total of 28 VET teachers and students as well as people who have connections to 3D printing and support students, such as the Media Innovation Campus. It started with a presentation of the 3D2ACT project, its background and all the developed material during the project duration and where to find this material. In particular, the speaker walked the audience through every Intellectual Output and its respective results, emphasizing the teaching materials and the e-tools that accompany them.

The floor was then given to the 2 adult students who participated not only in the local pilot trainings but also in the C1 Activity in Cyprus. They shared their 3D2ACT journey and presented their 3D and social product developed through the 3D2ACT material, which was glasses and cups specially designed for people with mobility problems.

After the presentations, the participants tried out the AR Game to get familiarised with Social Entrepreneurship and a discussion followed about social entrepreneurship and about the project in general. Moreover, the products made by the two students were presented in a small exhibition, where all participants could take a look at them and take a leaflet, made by the students.

The event concluded with an in-depth demonstration of the 3D Clay Printer that was used during the pilot trainings by both the teacher and her students, which aroused the interest of the audience as they had the opportunity to see in person the usage of a different material apart from plastic for 3D Printing.
The multiplier event informed VET school students as well as educators in regard to the 3D2ACT project and its material developed. Based on the general comments received, attendees seem more than satisfied with the event and the results of the 3D2ACT project. Based on the questions asked and the conversations during the drinks and demonstration, it is likely that several teachers will be using the produced materials and especially, incorporate social entrepreneurship in their classes. This shows that the 3D2ACT project will be sustained and exploited even after its completion through the schools and even other VET school’s curriculum.

Finally, the event also showed the importance of the cross-curricular approach. This was not only shown in the interest in the cross-curricular scenarios made by the project, and the fact that 3D printing is combined with social entrepreneurship, it was also shown during the drinks and demonstration part. Teachers were networking with other participating organizations, where they were discussing possible collaborations in the future using the project results.

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