IO1 – European Monitoring Report: Peer Review and e-Mapping of Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and 3d Technologies at the National and Eu Level

Start Date: 01-12- 2020 | End Date: 31-05-2021

The products of Intelectual Output 1 (IO1) are:

– an index for each country, as well as a comparative one.

– the 3d2act data bank-glossary with useful resources/tools to support vet trainers

IO1 consists of the following activities:

IO1-A1: Mapping of Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 And 3d Technologies at The National and Eu Level

IO1-A2: Monitoring and Peer Review Reports

IO1-A3: Developing the e-Data Bank-Glossary (On/Offline)

IO1-A4: Advisory Committee-Synergies with Expert Associate Partner