IO2 – Dual 3D2ACT Educational Pack: Introducing 3D Technologies In Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future

Start Date: 01-06-2021 | End Date: 30-04-2022

The main aims of IO2 are:

  1. To define the benchmarks and indicators of the 3D Technologies Competence Framework against which VET students’ digital competences will be monitored, assessed and validated through the Open Badges system to be developed fully in IO4 (online).
  2. To develop the 3D2ACT Dual Educational Learning Pack which will contain:
    (1) Set of curricula/syllabus for introducing 3D design, modelling and printing in VET schools accompanied with teachers’ guides, lesson plans based on scenarios and/or cross-curricular topics promoting STEAM/Robotics skills, multimedia resources, tools etc. (online learning modules, videos, offline booklets, PowToon, Camtasia etc.)
    (2) In service training for VET trainers/leaders which will be utilized fully during the C1 activity (later to be used as a KA1 Learning Mobility)
    (3) Tool Bank with a wide selection of resources and tools
  3. To develop the Eco-system (off and online) of the Open Badges to be used as the assessment and validation of the newly acquired competences based on the Competence Framework to be designed following the EQF and ECVET guidelines (Levels 3-4)
  4. To prepare the in-service training to be offered to the VET trainers and teachers for the 3D2ACT Programme to be implemented into practice in IO5

3D Technologies
Competence Framework

Dual Educational Pack

Level 1

Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.3

Cross-Curricular Scenarios

Open Badges Eco-System

Open Badges Report

Open Badges Design


VET Trainers in-Service Training

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