IO3 – Dual Social Entrepreneurial Pack: The Augmented Reality Game for Setting up a Social Business Supported by Teaching Material

Start Date: 01-08-2021 | End Date: 31-07-2022


The Social Entrepreneurial Educational Pack and the Roadmap for Creating a Social Enterprise in 10 steps supported by the Augmented Reality Learning Game will be innovative and constructive tools for VET teachers and students aiming to:

  • support them in their social entrepreneurial skills and the first steps in the social business world
  • provide them with a useful guide that could be used as a road map accompanied with information about the social business world and opportunities
  • provide them with appropriate instruments based on a step-by-step process in order to plan, launch, manage, and grow a successful social enterprise provide them with a campaign plan for exploitation.

Thus, the AR Roadmap will be used as a non-formal learning tool and will support a particular action or process that leads to a particular result or outcome.

IO3 consists of the following activities:

  1. IO3-A1: Development of the Competence Framework and Educational Pack
  2. IO3-A2: Development of Road Map to Setting up a Social Enterprise: The Guidebook
  3. IO3-A3: Augmented Reality Learning Game Design
  4. IO3-A4: Production of the Multi-Level and Multi-Purpose Campaign

Educational Pack

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship AR Game

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Road Map to Setting up a Social Enterprise

The Guidebook