The main aims of IO4 are:

  1. To finalize the design of the e-Assessment tool for transparency, validation and recognition of the 3D and Social Entrepreneurship competences to be acquired by students during the 3D2ACT programme.
  2. To take all technological actions to link the Open Badges eco-system to the platform.
  3. To design the dynamic and interactive e-platform to be used for the purposes of the project which will function as an Open Learning. Environment, offering the following functions:
    • e-Assessment tool based on a two-stage process
    • e-Academy for the CPD of teachers through the e-learning to be offered and the set-up of learning opportunities i.e. KA1 courses
    • e-Data Bank with useful e-tools and resources to support teachers/students
    • e-Digital@Social Entrepreneurs Network for mentoring, peer and expert support, guidance and exchange of good practices, as well as to link all participants and enterprises for potential cooperation and collaboration
  4. To develop the Mobile App to support the learning and assessment process, as users will have the option to monitor their learning progress and upload evidence of their achievement.

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