IO5 – Digital@Social Tool Kit for Setting Up the Hubs: A Policy Recommendation as Part of the EU VET Week 2022

Start Date: 01-07-2022 | End Date: 31-05-2023

The aims of IO5 are:

  1. to design, develop, produce and pilot-test the Tool Kit necessary for the implementation of the ‘Digital@Social Entrepreneurship Programme’ (to include road map, guidelines, templates, good examples, monitoring tools, practical tips etc.)
  2. to design, develop and use the Campaign in support of promoting digital and social entrepreneurial mindsets for sustainable development as purported by the 2018 Digital Action Plan of the European Commission
  3. to promote the setting up of the Digital@Social Hubs in schools as part of the curriculum or as an extra-curricular activity during the summer time (e.g. Summer schools, Boot Camp) based on synergies with the experts, stakeholders, business and ICT experts, SMEs etc. needed for the sustainability and exploitation of the project
  4. to design and produce the Policy Recommendation Strategy Pack for upscaling, transferability, exploitation and sustainability of the projects’ products at the local, regional, national land EU level
  5. to organize the Pitching Competition as part of a national initiative to be organized during the EU VET Week (Nov 2022) or Entrepreneurship Week. Various events based on the products and achievements of the project will be organized: exhibition of 3D products with poster presentation, campaign, awards, business plans and a declaration for the EU

Digital@Social Hubs Tool Kit

Digital@Social Programme in Action

National Reports

Transnational Report

Digital@Social Competition and Exhibition

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