Digitization and industry 4.0 are perhaps the most important drivers behind the profound transformation of the labour market, the way people work, and the new digital skills required to meet the needs of the digitalized market. VET is valued for fostering job-specific and transversal skills, facilitating the transition into employment, and maintaining and updating the skills of the workforce according to sectoral, regional, and local needs. Although over 13 million learners are engaged in VET each year, VET remains a second choice for many students and parents, and it is usually linked to low achievers. VET needs to increase its attractiveness through the quality provision and flexible organization, allowing progression to higher vocational or academic learning, and closer links with the world of work.

Based on the above the 3D2ACT project will support VET trainers and educators in an attempt to strengthen their profiles with the acquisition of new skills, the development of targeted material, and the collection of tools and resources, while at the same time, it will create opportunities for linking VET schools with the labour market building on synergies and partnerships with established organizations using industry 4.0 and automation or 3D printing and robotics.


  1. A EUROPEAN MONITORING REPORT: peer review and e-mapping of digitalization, industry 4.0 and 3d technologies at the national and EU level (https://3d2act.eu/io1/)
  2. THE DUAL 3D2ACT EDUCATIONAL PACK: introducing 3d technologies in teaching and learning for a sustainable future (https://3d2act.eu/io2/)
  3. THE DUAL SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PACK: the augmented reality game for setting up a social business supported by teaching material (https://3d2act.eu/io3/)
  4. A CLOUD-BASED PLATFORM AND MOBILE APP: e-learning, e-assessment, e-community, and e-digital@social entrepreneurs network (https://3d2act.eu/io4/)
  • To support VET trainers and educators in an attempt to strengthen their profiles with the acquisition of new skills and to empower them to promote 3D technologies and skills among their students.
  • To develop targeted material and a collection of tools and resources linked to 3D technologies, design, modeling & printing, that have a large effect on creativity and innovation and it has been identified by the EU as one of the technologies that will boost the development of future products and services. The use of 3D-P in the EU industry is growing rapidly, creating new jobs that require new skills.
  • To aspire for cross-sector cooperation by building bridges between formal, nonformal, and informal learning in order to foster innovative and inclusive approaches to meeting learners’ needs and opening up new career paths for students as digital entrepreneurs as the new digital creators and leaders who resolve social issues thus exploiting the opportunities of Social Entrepreneurship solution.
  • To advocate for increased support for teachers and educators involved in the implementation of digital technology in learning environments, including calls for investments in their competencies and initial and continuous professional development.

To have our school’s name added to a public list of supporters throughout the end of the project and to identify the following person as the 3D2ACT Ambassador. He/she will be the primary contact person to be made informed about upcoming opportunities connected to the project (pilots, events, competitions, etc.) and will be the direct connection point between his/her school and the 3D2ACT project, also facilitating direct support in case of need for any clarification on tools and materials related to the project.

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