Press Release #2: Empowering the Next Generation of VET Digital Entrepreneurs


The 3D2ACT project aims to support VET trainers and educators in an attempt to gain and strengthen their skills using industry 4.0 and automation or 3D printing and robotics. The project leaders believe that 3D design, modelling and printing is a crucial skill that is currently seen as a cornerstone of the industrial shift in Europe and one that VET students should have, which seems to be missing from the VET curriculum.

VET students and tutors from 5 different countries came together on the week of 13 February to build the network of the new 3D digital entrepreneurs through a set program of activities that included, presentation, visits, extra learning material and a competition. All students participated in a pitching competition where they showcased their 3D models each addressing a specific social need and their social entrepreneurial plan in front of a panel of judges.

The students and their ideas were assessed within 5 different categories of which were content and overall quality; originality, creativity, usefulness and ingenuity of the creation; execution; social entrepreneurial aspect and presentation; and a secret topic. The secret topic was given to the students the morning of the competition to assess if they can act quickly when the situation calls for it. This time, the students were asked the create a social business model canvas and incorporate it in their presentation.

The students managed to create great ideas through 3D-P such as a tool to help writing and eating, cups that are specially designed for those who have troubles doing it, a modular arm with different attachments and many more. In the end, there was 1 winner for each category and 1 overall winner.

The winners were:

  1. Best innovative idea: CREPAL Team | Greece
  2. Best implemented idea: The E.G.G.S. Team | Italy
  3. Best project presentation: INNOVATION SQUAD Team | Cyprus
  4. Best pitch: Lies Keramiek Team | The Netherlands
  5. Best business model: 3D Plexers Team | Greece
  6. Best overall project: Txili-txoko Team | Spain

This project will continue working on its goal to empower the next generation of VET digital entrepreneurs. To follow their story, check out their website, follow them on Facebook or Instagram.