Regional Directorate of Education & University of Crete organized the Multiplier Event of 3D2ACT

The 3D2ACT Multiplier Event in Crete, Greece, was organized by the Regional Directorate of Primary & Secondary Education of Crete (RDPSEC) in collaboration with the University of Crete (Computer Science Department). It was held at the premises of the 6th Vocational High School of Heraklion on Tuesday May 16th 2023, & was attended by approx. 100 VET educators, high school teachers, secondary school directors & educational staff in the area of education & VET education.

The event was of approx. 4 hours duration, during which participants had the opportunity to be acquainted with the aims of the project, its educational targets, all the finalized Intellectual Outputs (IOs) & their respective results, as the primary goal of the event was to offer a complete insight into the project so as to arouse interest & facilitate those interested in implementing it.

Mr Emm. Kartsonakis, Director of the Regional Directorate of Primary & Secondary Education of Crete (RDPSEC) welcomed the event. Ms Areti Vouraki, 3D2ACT project manager & promoter of European projects of RDPSEC gave an overview of the project & the results of the Comparative Field & Desk Research report on the penetration of 3D Technologies in Schools (IO1) in the 5 countries of the partnership. Then, Mr Marios Pitikakis, who represented the Computer Science Department, University of Crete (UoC) presented the educational material concerning 3D technologies (3D design & 3D printing) as well as the Open Badges eco-system as a validation tool (IO2). In addition to that, a short practical introduction to 3D design & 3D printing was given to the participants. Mr Omiros Theologitis, member of the 3D2ACT pedagogical team of RDPSEC, enlightened the participants about the educational pack on Social Entrepreneurship which is supported by the 3D teaching material & the development of an Augmented Reality game & a roadmap that guided students to set up a social enterprise (IO3). Mr Pitikakis took the floor again to give information about the project’s interactive cloud-based platform & mobile app, which -among others- supports e-learning, provides e-assessment & an e-community/network for the exchange of ideas, collaboration & networking. Finally, Ms Alexandra Tsekoura, member of the 3D2ACT pedagogical team of RDPSEC, gave an overview & evaluation of the implementation of the 3D2ACT pilot training programme in the participant countries, which ended with a pitching competition in Cyprus where the students created their own 3D products based on the social entrepreneurship-oriented ideas they developed during the local pilot trainings (IO5).

Students from the 6th Vocational High School of Heralkion presented their work (3D printed products & social entrepreneurial ideas) & shared their experiences from the pilot implementation at their school & their participation in the 3D2ACT C1 training & the pitching competition where they won the “Best Business Model” award. The students from the 1st Vocational High School of Rethymno were not able to join the event, but their award-winning 3D product was also presented. Hearing from the students themselves was an important aspect of the multiplier event.

RDPSEC communicated its intention to support those teachers interested in re-implementing the project by offering seminars/webinars with the assistance of the 3D2ACT experts. From their side, participants expressed their interest in the project & posed their questions to the panel of speakers.

The event concluded with a live 3D printing demonstration & an exhibition of printed 3D models, which attracted the interest of the participants. Participants had the opportunity to wonder through the exhibits of the project’s 3D products & watch a live demonstration of a 3D printer in action, with Mr Pitikakis explaining in detail how it works & how one can produce a 3D Printed model & answering questions.

Concluding, the event had a positive impact & everyone was very enthusiastic. The event concluded with a light buffet.

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