Politeknika Txorierri organized the Multiplier Event of 3D2ACT

The 3D2ACT Multiplier Event in Spain was held and organised by Politeknika Txorierri on Monday 29 May 2023 at the Hetel premises, which is a vocational school in Durango. A total number of 25 teachers and representatives from VET schools in the Basque Country attended the multiplier event.

The event was organised in one day for 4 hours and was split into two different sessions: The first was oriented to the presentation of the 3D2ACT project and all its deliverables and products per Intellectual Output, while the second one was devoted to the technical and interactive part of the 3D2ACT project.
During the first session, Politeknika Txorierri presented the 3D2ACT project objectives and scope, its partners, and all 5 Intellectual Outputs. In particular, the comparative report, both educational materials for 3D Technologies and Social Entrepreneurship including their respective competence frameworks (syllabi), the cross-curricular learning scenarios, the mapping tool, the roadmap on how to set up a social enterprise in 10 steps, etc.) that have been developed in the framework of the project.

During the second session, Politeknika Txorierri presented the digital tools of the project. Initially, the project website where all the project results are hosted was presented, before moving to the e-learning and e-assessment platform which hosts all courses and educational materials, together with its mobile app version and also the AR learning game for setting up a social enterprise in 10 steps. This second session was organised in round tables with small groups so that participants could discuss together the materials presented. After that, every group shared their feedback regarding all the materials presented and the evaluations were very positive.

Most participants expressed a high interest in using the 3D2ACT materials in their classrooms. The most popular were the cross-curricular learning scenarios and the AR game. The e-learning platform and educational materials also had very positive feedback, especially due to the fact that both students and teachers could learn at their own pace.

At the end of the event, a presentation of the pilot trainings both in Spain and Cyprus as part of the C1 blended mobility of learners took place. The ideas and products of the Spanish team were presented as part of the pitching competition that took place. Finally, a discussion was initiated as to how to exploit and sustain the project results by more schools and educational entities now that the project is closing.

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